What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is the leading auto installer for many common web applications for example:-

The following applications install with approx 3 mouse clicks and a few text entries (for example choosing a username and password :-) it just does not get any easier!)
b2evolution (1.9.3)
Nucleus (3.24)
pMachine Free (2.3)
WordPress (2.1.3)
Drupal (5.1)
Geeklog (1.4.1)
Joomla! (1.0.12)
Mambo Open Source (4.6.2)
PHP-Nuke (7.9)
phpWCMS (1.1-RC4 Rev. A)
phpWebSite (0.10.2)
Post-Nuke (0.764)
Siteframe (3.2.2)
Typo3 (4.0.4)
Xoops (2.0.16)
Customer Support:
Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.13.1)
Help Center Live (2.1.2)
osTicket (1.3.1)
PerlDesk (3.09 [Patched-1]) (Commercial, needs license)
PHP Support Tickets (1.9)
Support Logic Helpdesk (1.2)
Support Services Manager (1.0b)
Discussion Boards:
phpBB2 (2.0.22)
SMF (1.1.2)
CubeCart (3.0.15)
OS Commerce (2.2 MS2 (060817))
Zen Cart (1.3.7)

FAQMasterFlex (1.51)
ViPER Guestbook (X1.1)
Hosting Billing:
AccountLab Plus (2.8) (Commercial, needs license)
phpCOIN (1.2.4)  

Image Galleries:
4images Gallery (1.7.4)
Coppermine Photo Gallery (1.4.10)
Gallery (2.2.1)

Mailing List:
PHPlist (2.10.4)

Polls and Surveys:
Advanced Poll (2.03)
phpESP (1.8.2)
PHPSurveyor (1.0)

Project Management:
PHProjekt (5.2)
dotProject (2.0.4)

Site Builders:
Soholaunch Pro Edition (4.9 r55) (Commercial, needs license)
Templates Express

PhpWiki (1.2.10)
TikiWiki (1.9.7)

Other Scripts:

Dew-NewPHPLinks ( SEF w/Thumbshots)
Moodle (1.8)
Noah’s Classifieds (1.3)
Open-Realty (2.3.6)
phpAdsNew (2.0.9-pr1)
PHPauction (2.1)
phpFormGenerator (2.09c)
WebCalendar (1.0.5)

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